Minecraft Server (AWS)

Discord Bot (Python, AWS, SQL)

This Website (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git)


This Website.

After exploring side projects for my own education, I wanted to have a portfolio of my efforts. I chose to stay away from any libraries in this case, as I felt it would prevent me from properly learning HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
This site is hosted on my AWS micro instance along with the Discord bot. Feel free to click here to see the full code on GitHub.

The majority of the contents on this site are made in HTML and CSS. However, here's a cool expandable box done in Javascript:

Pretty cool, right? 🤓
I also leveraged Google Fonts, and added a Favicon. The last thing that bothered me was the fact that the site wasn't secure. I feel as though security is an important part of setting up a site, and did some more research online. I ended up finding out about "certbot", which would help automatically certify my site, and allow for auto-renewal options.

Things got a little tricky here, as the documentation was not geared towards AWS and I had to make a few attempts before finding success.
In the end, I installed the snapd package on my instance so that I could leverage the snapd / Apache guide from Certbot. I set up the service to auto-renew periodically to remove yearly manual upkeep. Finally, I established a redirect in httpd.conf (under /etc/httpd/conf/) to ensure the https version of the site is being used at all times.